New service: Synthetic Voice Overs release

September 15, 2022

Dotsub is pleased to announce  Dotsub Synthetic Voice Over(SVO), a major step forward in our market leading Audio Visual Translation offering.

Using the timed captions and translations created within VideoTMS, customers can create a synthetic voice over in 400 neural voices across 140 languages and variants.

Users will be able to download the audio file, the video file with the new voice track or download the SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) and tweak it, re-upload it to VideoTMS and create a unique voice track for your brand.

“This provides a perfect complement to our subtitles and human voice over” according to Rodrigo Espinosa, Dotsub’s SVO product manager. “It represents an excellent, cost-effective solution to our customers for whom traditional Voice Overs have not been an option because of price or turnaround time”.

This is another example of Dotsub using over 10 years of experience in the Audio Visual Translation field to provide a solution to our customers’ multilingual and multicultural storytelling needs.

For more information, we suggest reading this Synthetic voice over in deep article or contact us via info@dotsub.

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