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Videos in Linguistic Team Projects - Working locations

The Master list of current projects, some of which are only here to be finalized (Final Proofreading project) before making them available within the Repository to the entire community and beyond.

While newer videos need to consecutively go through all four stages (English transcription, English proofreading, translation & translation proofreading), most older completed transcriptions & translations require only careful proofreading by each language before being acknowledged as 'Official LTI Media Releases' and added to the completed items in the Official LTI Video Repository below.

For all Final Proofreading projects, once the English transcriptions pass the scrutiny of the English proofreaders, they are immediately made available to the community in the repository. At that point, the proofreading of the completed translations by the individual Translation Proofreading Teams can begin. When the Coordinators for those languages declare that the team's translation is 'as good as we can make it', the translation is also immediately added to the repository.

If your language does not yet have a dedicated team of proofreaders &/or an official Language Coordinator, please get together with your fellow teammates and help develop/select them.

Also please note that, unless the proofreading is approached as a group project, proofreaders should not proofread any videos they personally translated, as that creates a serious conflict of interest. :)
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