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Videos in Global Lives Project - Malawi

The Global Lives Project is a collaborative effort of volunteer filmmakers, photographers, architects, artists, programmers, designers and everyday people from around the world. The goal of the collaborative is to document the wide variety of human life experience and share it through a unique video installation that can be assembled anywhere on earth, while at the same time producing a dynamic online video library of the human experience. Both the installation and the archive will offer audiences a chance to jump out of their own realities and into ones they would otherwise never have witnessed. For the initial installation, 10 people will be selected from all around the world, based on the world's demographics. To date, four shoots have been completed and six more are in the pre-production phase. The project's third shoot was in Malawi in June 2007. Edith Kapuka, a 13 year-old girl from Ngwale Village outside Zomba, was the subject.
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