Dotsub VideoTMS
Video Translation Management System

Whatever the content you need to localize, Dotsub brings all the pieces and people you need together so you can caption and translate your content faster,
and with better quality.

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Flexible Workflows

Every project is different, and requires a different workflow. With the VideoTMS™ workflow designer you can tailor and automate the media localization process to match your exact needs.

Combine ASR with Human Reviews

Leverage the power of Automated Speech Recognition to speed up the captioning of your content with a cost-effective solution, that can also be used as a step in your workflow process, should you need to add human review steps or translations.

Linguists Available 24/7

Don't have in-house resources for a particular language, or not enough closed captioning capacity? No problem, you can use Dotsub's language services or other vendors, to have linguists always available, 24/7.

Connect to your services via Rest API

Our Rest API is designed to seamlessly integrate with your internal management software. If you're using an OVP, we have ready-made integrations for all the major providers. All you need to do is enter your API keys.

Workflow Automation

Our innovative workflow automation engine allows you to automate each and every step of the localization process, from the initial source language captioning, translation into multiple languages, additional review steps, to integrations with your cloud repository. The graphical interface makes it easy to customize for maximum flexibility.

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Linguists Pool Management

Professional linguists are organized by skill sets into assignee groups which can be matched with task requirements. VideoTMS™ controls the work queues. You can monitor linguists activity and keep track of their progress, know what jobs they've been assigned to, and when their tasks are due and completed.

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OVP Integrations

VideoTMS™ seamlessly integrates with all the major OVP cloud providers, such as Brightcove, Kaltura, JWPlayer, Ustream and many others, with ready-made API integrations. All you need to do is add a new tag on your media items, and enter your API keys, and VideoTMS™will start ingesting your media for processing.

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Sophisticated Vendor Management

Large language shops and LSPs often require the assistance of third-party vendors to supplement their in-house resources; for example, you may need translation services for an exotic language pair or perhaps have a job that requires specific knowledge of an industry. You can establish a partnership with Dotsub Language services, or other vendors, to meet your needs - all integrated within the VideoTMS™ platform.

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