Dotsub VideoTMS™ and YouTube

Explore how to configure VideoTMS to automatically publish your media and subtitles to YouTube. Important: Youtube is a Push-only integration. VideoTMS can't programmatically ingest videos stored in your YouTube channel, as this would be in breach of YouTube's ToS.

When a YouTube configuration is setup for a project, VideoTMS can ingest media from any other source (OVPs, Dropbox, external links, or manual uploads), then, when the subtitles are ready to be published, the platform will upload the video to your YouTube channel, along with its subtitles.


Edit your VideoTMS™ Project's settings

Log into your VideoTMS account, select "Projects" from the main menu, and click the "Edit" icon, to edit your project's configuration.

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Add a new OVP setting

On the project setup view, click "OVP" on the left-hand menu, select YouTube from the drop down selection, and click the "+" button.


Select your video privacy settings and Connect to YouTube

Your media can be uploaded to your YouTube channel with Public, Private or Unlisted default privacy settings: for more info on YouTube's privacy settings click here. Select your desired default setting and click "Connect to YouTube".

Please make sure pop-ups are not blocked for this site, or you won't be able to complete the authentication.

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Sign in to your YouTube account

After clicking "Connect to YouTube" a popup will open prompting you to sign into your Youtube Channel, if you aren't already signed in.


Authorize VideoTMS™

Click "Allow" to authorize VideoTMS to manage your assets and associated content on your YouTube channel.

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Complete the YouTube configuration

Once authenticated with YouTube, you are taken back to the OVP configuration page. A green checkmark next to the "Connect to YouTube" button indicates the the authentication process was successful.

Click "Save" to complete the configuration.

When your workflow reaches the first Push step in the workflow, for example, right after the source language caption review, the platform will create a new video entry on your YouTube channel, and attach the source language captions as well. Subsequent pushes (i.e. for translations) will be associated to the same video on YouTube.

For further questions, feel free to reach out via the contact page.