Introducing our new branding and website

August 18, 2022

We are starting the second part of the year with a bang!

Innovation is one of our core values: in our product, services and now in our branding.

Why a rebranding? Because we wanted to reflect  who we are today and our commitment to our clients and the whole Dotsub community.

Looking forward to the future, we want to partner with you- to be the trusted solution you choose to reach global audiences with audiovisual content, with the best combination of technology and human quality.

We worked for several months with a great graphic designer, Lorena Brunstein, and we are thrilled to show the results.

Colors, patterns, unique illustrations, fonts, logo, were all designed to work together to show our identity and the passion that drives us best combine and reflect our identity. See how it looks!

Come and visit our new rebranded website and social media accounts and let us know what
you think! We’d love to have your feedback.

Want to learn more? Contact Dotsub today at

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