Video Language Management System (VLMS)

Video Language Management System (VLMS) is our secure software platform which hosts your end-to-end captioning and video translation from upload to publish. Video Language Management System (VLMS) is designed to enable a full spectrum of reviewers and translators to rapidly and accurately localize your videos - whether you use our professional captioning and video translation resources, your own, or your community. Our online VLMS platform empowers any video content owner anywhere to manage the captioning and video subtitling process, in over 520 languages whether captioned and translated by our professionals, your employees, or your crowd. We make it easy. Here's how.

Easy Project Management

  • Customizable dashboard allows you to manage your captioning and video subtitling projects individually, collaboratively, and at scale.
  • Monitor the real-time progress of each video language project.
  • Captioners have fast and easy tools to time-code second-by-second and to test video captions.
  • Video translators have real-time video plus source language captions.
  • Your custom glossaries can guide both captioners and video translators.

Quality Control

  • Enterprise customers can administer the entire process themselves for quality assurance, privacy, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Review, edit and approve all captions and video subtitles against the actual videos before publishing.

Scalable Permissions and Security

  • Dotsub's password-protected Enterprise Services allows you to grant specific permissions, at several levels, to each individual on the project team.
  • VLMS includes a simple, scalable and secure assigning system that automatically generates e-mail assignments, confirmations, and progress notifications.

Systems Integration

  • Dotsub's VLMS system integrates with most online video platforms, CMS, video players and external video applications via our full-featured APIs, integration tools, and plug-ins.
  • For example, seamless integration with our video online platform partners - Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, and LongTail Video - provides Enterprise customers with one-touch functionality.
  • Captions and video subtitles created on Dotsub can be synced to your YouTube accounts.
  • Dotsub video subtitles are compatible with iOS and HTML5 media on mobile platforms.

People-Power Flexibility

Customize the use of Dotsub's LVMS system to provide captioning and video translations along a range of options for openness or in any combination:
  • Secure closed model utilizing professional captioners and video translators with our password-protected access, permission and assigning system.
  • Controlled crowd-sourcing video translation model (allowing only pre-screened users password-protected access, permissions and assigning).
  • Completely open crowd sourcing model (allowing your "crowd" to caption and video translate all material with full and open access).

Professional Services

Dotsub can manage the entire video language process for you utilizing our project managers, and our certified network of video caption and translation professionals. We also provide customization and integration with our professional video language services.