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Dotsub will caption and translate an up to 10 minute video for you.

Limited Time $250 offer on video translation.

To qualify, your website or organization must publish online at least 100 video minutes. Simply fill out the registration below, and we will email you a coupon code with upload instructions. Once uploaded, your video will be captioned in English and translated into the language of your choice within 4 business days. (Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, or Japanese.) For free, we will deliver your translated video to you via download, with either burn-in subtitles, SRT (Caption files), or we will publish for you to YouTube. We offer this up to $250 value because it wins us new customers. Try it.

What if my website doesn't have 100 minutes of published video?

Register at Dotsub and ask us to upgrade you to our enterprise Translation VLMS trial. We will email you instructions on how to caption and translate your video and manage your projects. We will support you in your first month’s use of our VLMS video translation platform. Over 100,000 videos have been captioned and translated on Dotsub, including 31,000 TED videos and 18,000 Adobe videos. Video translation made simple.

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