Client Testimonials

"Dotsub has given us the chance to make accessible to our range of international users, and just as importantly, the volunteers committed to localizing content on behalf of the community. This adds a huge amount of user-value to every single video, and extends its use beyond English speakers."

- Michael Pick,, Automattic

"Dotsub is an invaluable tool that allows us to communicate effectively and affordably across language barriers. Any video in any language is an essential tool for all global endeavors online."

- Sanjeev Chatterjee, Executive Director, Knight Center for International Media

"Dotsub is a valuable language services partner for Brightcove and has been an "invaluable" resource for me as a VP of Sales in the field. They were an early member of the Brightcove Partner Alliance, and have successfully worked with many of our customers including AARP, Adobe, IEEE, US Army, ICANN, Full Tilt poker and others. The Dotsub video language team isresponsive, professional and thorough in understanding our customer's video translation requirements. I wish we had more partners of this caliber!"

- G. Gooder, VP Strategic Accounts, Brightcove Video

"We're excited to be using a bottom-up, open-source video translation approach that will in time allow all our talks to be translated into hundreds of languages. A web-empowered revolution in global education is under way. We're not far from the day when most people on Earth will be able to directly access the world's great teachers speaking to them in their own language. How cool is that?"

- Chris Anderson, Curator of

"Dotsub's team has worked with me to develop video language services for various clients including HP, Cisco, and the Sundance Film Festival. As businesses grow and the economy recovers, my clients are searching for ways to expand their audiences while saving money and repurposing existing assets. Dotsub's video language service meets those needs."

- Kristell Mazzuco, President, KM Productions