E-Commerce Feature

Dotsub is happy to provide our online our e-commerce feature. This allows you to upload a video, check a few boxes, use your credit card and we will do the rest, providing you with your captions and translations.

So how does it work?

You need to be a member and you need to upload a video in exactly the same way as before, if you are unclear you can find the instructions here.

Once the video has been uploaded you will see an extra option on the My Videos Page. Click on "Order Caption, Translation & Video Files" and your journey begins.

Currently the choices are much reduced from the traditional service and are the most common choices today. If we find there are other just as popular choices we will extend the variety of offerings.

We currently offer captioning services in:

Language Price per minute (USD)
Arabic $5.50
Chinese (Simplified) $5.50
Chinese (Traditional) $5.50
Danish $5.50
Dutch $5.50
English $3.30
English (Great Britain) $3.30
Estonian $5.50
French (Canada) $5.50
French (France) $5.50

We also offer translation services in:

Language Price per minute (USD)
English → Afrikaans $15.40
English → Albanian $11.00
English → Arabic $13.20
English → Azerbaijani $13.20
English → Bosnian $13.20
English → Bulgarian $13.20
English → Catalan $11.00
English → Chinese (Simplified) $15.40
English → Chinese (Traditional) $15.40
English → Czech $11.00
English → Danish $13.20
English → Dutch $11.00
Korean → English $15.40
Chinese (Simplified) → English $15.40
Japanese → English $19.80
Arabic → English $13.20
Thai → English $15.40
Italian → English $11.00
French (France) → English $11.00
Spanish (Spain) → English $8.80
Portuguese (Brazil) → English $8.80
Afrikaans → English $15.40
Spanish (Latin America) → English $8.80
Albanian → English $11.00
Azerbaijani → English $13.20
sample order

You may create a video with burned in captions from any or all of the translations. If you don't order a burn in you will automatically get a .srt file with the option to download any other standard that Dotsub supports (.stl, .dfxp, .ssa. .vtt, etc). You can also order a soft subtitle file that will allow captions to be displayed on an iOS device.

Once the work has been ordered you will asked to confirm your order and then invited to pay. We accept all major credit cards. Your credit card information is not held on the Dotsub site but is held on a PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server and can be used again for e-commerce transaction from Dotsub.

sample checkout

The work will be done to our usual high, professional standards and when each part of the work is done (e.g. the Spanish translation is complete) you will receive an email pointing to the video in the Dotsub system.

You will be then able to log in to your account and retrieve the products you ordered under My Orders.

Very simple indeed.

Professional Service and Basic Service provides the following functionalities:

Basic Pro Enterprise
Video Uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video Time Limit 25 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Captioning Price Standard Standard Contact us for Pricing
Translation Price Standard Standard Contact us for Pricing
Maximum Burn-in File Quality Web Quality High Quality High Quality
OVP Integration No No Yes
Dotsub Caption API No No Yes
Translation CMS No No Yes
Price Free $9.99/monthly
Contact us for Pricing

If you have any questions about this e-commerce service please send an email to [email protected]