Professional Language Services

Dotsub provides certified language captioners and video translators, project managers, and professional video language services to suit any need for video. Dotsub is the world leader in language enabling online video. As of Sept 2012, Dotsub has translated over 100,000 videos in over 500 languages. Every hour, 4000 lines of text in video are translated and captioned on

Time Coded Captions

Dotsub's patent-pending, all-in-one video translation system combines transcripts and time-coding into a single process. Our captioning tools are designed so anyone can quickly, easily, and cost effectively create video captions while the Dotsub system simultaneously enters the "in/out" time codes. Any user can easily just type what they hear in the source language audio. It's also easy to stop and start the video and to fine-tune the time codes to perfect the caption timing to the millisecond or to go back to proof and edit.

Our professional video captioners cost little more than machine-based captioning, with far superior results. Also our professional linguists create 508 compliant closed captions for the hearing impaired per US Government regulations.

Dotsub captions can then be easily translated into multiple languages to be rendered as video subtitles. Prices and turnaround time will vary based on the source language, but start as low as $5 per video minute.

Translation / Subtitling Services

Dotsub provides professional translations for video subtitles into and from any language. Our pre-certified video linguists provide accurate and culturally appropriate translations and apply area specific expertise across a wide range of topics, including marketing, technology, medical, financial, science, engineering, government and education.

Dotsub's video translations are not word-for-word or verbatim translations. Our video translations read as if they were spoken in the target language, and are translated in context against the actual spoken video, ensuring that your message reaches your audience accurately and effectively in any market and any culture.

Dotsub tools also allow for multiple translators to work collaboratively on the same video at the same time from anywhere in the world, editing each other's work as they go, and speeding the up the process and delivery.

For special situations, such as financial market news and updates, Dotsub captions and translates several minutes of video twice daily at market open and close into Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages in 1 hour.