Video Translation Clients

Organizations want to expand and engage their audience. Whether sharing knowledge with employees, partners, customers, students, or prospects, video engages best.

Multi-National Organizations. Educators. Non-Profits. Universities. Media Producers. Governments. Sports Teams. Enterprise clients like: AARP, Adobe, Bank of America, Boeing, Electronic Arts, GE, Medco, NHL Player's Association, Piedmont Healthcare, Port Authority of NY/NJ, TED, U.S. Army, WETA (PBS) and many others.

AARP - world's largest membership organization at 38 million

AARP uses Dotsub's platform to video translate its media archives and new productions. Dotsub adds professionally produced Closed Captions and translates Spanish subtitles for 3000 videos, and also enables community crowd-sourcing with its VLMS platform.

Adobe TV - 18,000 hours of how-to in 200 languages

Adobe's Community Video Translation Program enables 10,000+ Adobe training videos to be translated and made available in any language by any of their 500+ million global users and developers. Most video translations are provided by the customer community, others by Adobe. - hearing impaired 508 compliance for its knowledge base

General Electric uses Dotsub for professional closed captions for the hearing impaired (508 compliant) on its corporate and marketing videos on GE has complete control of the work flow using Dotsub's Video Language Management System (VLMS) for professionally created closed captions to be reviewed, approved and published by GE staff.

WOBI - Spanning the globe with World of Business Ideas

Any business video, any language. With decades of business video and audio content – events, print media, apps, and, a 24-hour TV channel, HSM is expanding globally by using Dotsub for video captions and rapid video translations.

Government: The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

PANYNJ uses Dotsub for closed captions for the hearing impaired (508 compliant) for its bi-monthly Board meetings as required by law. Beyond video captioning, PANYNJ uses Dotsub's "interactive transcripts" to enable users to scroll through the transcripts, select an interest, and navigate directly to that section in the video.

Healthcare: Piedmont Healthcare

A billion-dollar nonprofit based in Atlanta with 7,000 employees, Piedmont Healthcare uses video with captions to get the word out on its websites and YouTube. Piedmont's web team also uses Dotsub's video transcripts from Executive Team videos to quickly produce an interview-style document for company-wide distribution.

Education: Cello Bello

World-renowned cellist Paul Katz uses Dotsub to provide his cello lessons in 15 languages across the world wide web. Video lessons are recorded and edited by Mr. Katz, professionally captioned by Dotsub, and then video translated by Mr. Katz's master students from around the world. The result is cost-effective audience engagement.

Nonprofits: TED 30,000 videos in 200 languages

Any TED Talk Any Language. If you watch a TED Video, chances are it's been translated into myriad languages on Dotsub by more than 8,000 volunteer video translators.

Spirituality: OSHO

Thousands of video hours of its spiritual teachings have been video translated using Dotsub's crowd-sourcing technology. Now OSHO is monetizing translated videos in an innovative partnership with YouTube's new pay-per-view channels.

Nonprofits: Global Oneness Project

Producing films, media and educational materials which explore how the notion of interconnectedness can be lived in today's complex world is the mission of The Global Oneness Project. Utilizing a full integration of Dotsub's video language technology into its online platform and video players, the organization truly engages, encourages and empowers users by inviting them to translate videos into any language.