How it works


Localized Video = Smart Video.

With captions, videos instantly become more searchable by humans and search engines, so your videos gain audience because they are featured higher in search results. Captioned videos expand audience share, among ESL and hearing-impaired populations. And importantly, viewers spend more time and engage more with your videos.


Better SEO

Enlarge your audience. Be found by search engines and humans.

Think about it. Videos only "speak" when you listen to them. But when you caption and embed the transcript into the page, all those words become searchable by humans and search engines.


More Reach

Gain 20% Audience Share with captions. Even more with translations.

Captioned videos increase your addressable audience by more than 20% with the 11% hearing impaired population, 1.5 billion ESL speakers, and any viewer in a non-audio context.


More Engaged

Speaking their language results in viewer engagement and retention.

Hispanic viewers were 2x more likely to engage in Video ad units in Spanish.


More Minutes

Captioned videos result in 35% more time spent.

Interactive transcripts enable viewers to search within, navigate, and conduct research with video. Improve recall. Better for mobile too when sometimes you cannot play audio.


More Value

Increase the lifetime value of your video and the life time value of your audience.

Besides expanding your audience, language-enabled video results in improved discovery, engagement, time spent, and good will - to increase your Return on Video™.

More Information about our services

Language Services

Our platform provides you with control and the full spectrum of captioning and translation choices: use our professionals, use yours, or enable your extended organization of customers, developers, students, or volunteers pitch in. You are in control with Dotsub. Click to learn more about our professional languages services which offer unmatched price-performance.


Who uses Dotsub? Short answer is: any organization that wants its online video content to be viewed across more Internet and mobile screens in any language by more people around the world. From corporate communications, to breaking market analysis, to product launches, how-tos and education on any topic. Video is the best way to reach your audience in their language.

Video Language Management System

Our online VLMS platform empowers any video content owner anywhere to manage the captioning and subtitling process, in over 520 languages whether captioned or translated by our professionals, your employees, or your crowd.


Learn about our partners. Or, ask us to integrate with you or your favored video partner. We easily integrate with leading Online Video Platforms, CDNs, CMSs, Video Players, and more.

Captioning Laws

Get Ready for new FCC Rules on Internet Video Captions. First compliance is required in Fall 2012.


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