Explore how to configure VideoTMS™ to automatically process videos added into your Vimeo PRO account, and have VideoTMS™ automatically deliver your subtitle files to it as soon as they’re ready.

Prerequisite: A Vimeo PRO account (paid Vimeo subscription)

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 1


Create a new Vimeo App

If you already have a Vimeo app with Upload Permission, you can jump to step #4.

  • Go to developer.vimeo.com/apps and login with your Vimeo credentials
  • Click “Create an app” button
  • Enter an appropriate App name and description
  • Select “No” for the question “Will people besides you be able to access your app?” The integration is for your Vimeo account only.
  • Read and accept the Vimeo License Agreement and Terms of Service if you agree
  • Click Create App button

Now the Vimeo app page will be displayed.


Request Upload Access

In order to push subtitles to videos in Vimeo, Upload Access is required. Please note that VideoTMS will not push videos to Vimeo, only subtitles. However, this step is still required.

Scroll down and click the “Request Upload Access” link.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 2
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 3


Fill the Upload Permission request form

  • Select “No” for “1. Will you be charging for ?” You are not charging Dotsub for use of your app.
  • Select “My Account” for “2. Where will these videos be uploaded?” You are uploading subtitles to your account only.
  • Select “I created these videos” for “Who created these videos?” As stated, Dotsub will not upload videos, only subtitles will be uploaded to existing videos in your Vimeo account.
  • In question 3, type, “Only subtitles will be uploaded, not videos”
  • Click Request Upload Access

The request can take up to 5 days to be approved by Vimeo. Once approval is granted, continue on with the steps.


Generate an Access Token

  • Go to developer.vimeo.com/apps and login with your Vimeo credentials
  • Click on the Vimeo app being used for the integration
  • Scroll down to Authentication
  • Select Authenticated (you)
  • Public will be selected
  • Select Private, Edit, Upload, and Video Files
  • Click Generate
  • Copy the Token value generated under Personal Access Tokens — this is the token value needed to setup the OVP configuration in VideoTMS
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 4
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 5


Enable source file storage (optional)

If you’re planning to generate burn-in files from your captions (where subtitles are encoded in the video stream of the source media), your source video files need to remain stored on Vimeo.

  • Go to vimeo.com/settings
  • Click on Videos > Upload Defaults
  • There, under the heading “Video preferences,” you’ll see a checkbox called “Keep source video files.” Once that’s checked, your source files will be stored on any uploads you make going forward.

Checking the box will not restore any files that have already been removed. The same goes for when you upgrade — once your membership is at Plus or above, you’ll have to go and manually enable this setting.


Edit your VideoTMS™ Project’s settings

Log into your VideoTMS™ account, select “Projects” from the main menu, and click the “Edit” icon, to edit your project’s configuration.

Edit your Dotsub VideoTMS™ Project settings
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 7


Add a new OVP setting

On the project setup view, click “OVP” on the left-hand menu, select Vimeo from the drop down selection, and click the “+” button.


Fill in the requested information

  • Access Token: The Access Token generated at step 4
  • Ingest Window: When ingesting new media, VideoTMS will ignore all new videos created/updated in Video that are older than X days. Typically, a safe value is 3.
  • Tags (ingest only): VideoTMS will process into its system only videos in your Vimeo account that have a specific tag.

It is very important that you make sure that the tag specified here and the tag you use in Vimeo match. Any difference between the two will prevent the video from ingesting.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 8
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Vimeo Integration - Step 9


Tag your videos in Vimeo

Log back into your Vimeo account. Every time a new Media is uploaded, you can specify one or more tags to it.

When you want a video to be ingested into your VideoTMS account for processing, make sure the tag you add here matches the one specified on the OVP settings configuration.

For further questions about this or any other OVP integrations, feel free to contact us.