Explore how to configure VideoTMS™ to automatically process videos added into your JWPlayer account, and have VideoTMS™ automatically deliver your subtitle files to it as soon as they’re ready.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and JWPlayer Integration - Step 1


Manage your API Authentication credentials in JWPlayer

Your API credentials can be found by logging into your JWPlayer account, under Configuration > API Credentials.


Obtain your API Key and Secret

By clicking on “Show Credentials” you’ll be able to see your JWPlayer account main API key and secret. Copy and store them in a secure location.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and JWPlayer Integration - Step 2
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and JWPlayer Integration - Step 3


Add a new OVP setting

Return to VideoTMS, on the project setup view, click “OVP” on the left-hand menu, select JWPlatform from the drop down selection, and click the “+” button.


Fill in the requested information

  • API Key: The API Key obtained in step 2
  • Secret Key: The API Secret obtained in step 2
  • Ingest Window: When ingesting new media, VideoTMS will ignore all new videos created/updated in JWPlayer that are older than X days. Typically, a safe value is 3.
  • Tags (ingest only): VideoTMS will process into its system only videos in your JWPlayer account that have a specific tag.
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and JWPlayer Integration - Step 4
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and JWPlayer Integration - Step 5


Tag your videos in JWPlayer

Log back into your JWPlayer account. You can now navigate to Videos, and edit any entry’s metadata, by adding the tag specified on the Project’s OVP configuration setup.

This media entry will be ingested into your VideoTMS project for processing, at the next ingest cycle. Please allow up to one hour for the new media to show up in VideoTMS.

When your workflow reaches the Push step, your text tracks will be automatically submitted to the relevant video in your JWPlayer Account and be visible under Media > Assets > Tracks, and therefore will be available on the WebPlayer as well.

For further questions about this or any other OVP integrations, feel free to contact us.