Explore how to configure VideoTMS to automatically process videos and audio files added into your Dropbox account, and have VideoTMS automatically deliver your subtitle files to it, as soon as they’re ready.

Edit your Dotsub VideoTMS™ Project settings


Edit your VideoTMS™ Project’s settings

Log into your VideoTMS™ account, select “Projects” from the main menu, and click the “Edit” icon, to edit your project’s configuration.


Add a new OVP setting

On the project setup view, click “OVP” on the left-hand menu, select Dropbox from the drop down selection, and click the “+” button.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 2
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 3


Connect to Dropbox

Click on “Connect to Dropbox” to grant us access to a dedicated Application folder in your Dropbox account.

No need to create the folder manually, authorizing the VideoTMS application will automatically create it.


Log in to your Dropbox account

After clicking “Connect to Dropbox” you’ll be redirected to a Dropbox authentication page, where you can add your account credentials and log in.

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 4
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 5


Authorize VideoTMS™

Click “Allow” to authorize VideoTMS to access the Apps > videotms folder inside your Dropbox.


Complete the Dropbox configuration

Once authenticated with Dropbox, you should be taken back to the OVP configuration page, and the button is green now and says “Connected to Dropbox.”

Complete the setup by entering a sub-folder (optional), useful if you want to use the same Dropbox account across multiple VideoTMS projects.

Please note: You can store your media files into nested subfolders within /Apps/videotms or the specified subfolder. VideoTMS will ingest those files as well.

Using the dropdown menu, select the delivery format (e.g. SRT, VTT, TTML etc.) you want for your subtitle files. Click “Save.”

Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 6
Dotsub VideoTMS™ and Dropbox Integration - Step 7


Upload or move your media to the videotms Dropbox folder

Now that the setup process is complete, you can upload or move/copy your media files into /Apps/videotms folder in your Dropbox account (or a subfolder).

All media files added to this folder will be ingested and processed by VideoTMS, according to your project’s workflow.

Please note: Your Dropbox folder is being checked periodically by the system, to determine if there are new files to process. Please allow a few minutes (up to an hour) for your videos to show up in VideoTMS.

When your workflow reaches the Push step, the subtitle files, in the chosen format, will be pushed back to Dropbox, in the same sub-folder where the original source video file came from, with the same filename, but with a language slug at the end of the filename and the subtitle extension.

For example, if the video ingested in VideoTMS had this location in Dropbox:

English and French subtitles will be delivered here (assuming the SRT format was selected):

For further questions about this or any other OVP integrations, feel free to contact us.