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About Dotsub

What is Dotsub?

Dotsub is a browser based, one-stop, self contained system for creating and viewing subtitles for videos in multiple languages across all platforms, including web based, mobile devices, and transcription and video editing systems. It's easy to use, nothing to buy or download, and it's fun. You can upload your videos, transcribe and time caption them, translate them into and from any language, and share them with the world. You can also embed the Dotsub player onto most websites and blogs with full Dotsub functionality.

Who can Dotsub and what does it cost?

The Dotsub platform is specifically designed so that anyone, a total beginner, or an experienced professional, can create subtitles by translating the source language into any language in an easy, fun to use, user friendly interface. Dotsub is not a machine translation system, the transcriptions and translations are done by human beings. The use of "Dotsub basic" is free and available for anyone who wants to share their videos with their friends, family and the world. Videos can be translated in a totally open "wiki" type of environment, or closed with password protected permissions, allowing the video "owner" to decide who can view, transcribe, or translate their videos.

Enterprise Solutions

For our corporate clients, Dotsub "Enterprise Solutions" offers the ability to utilize either an open environment, engaging your "crowd" or, a closed environment utilizing professional language resources, or any combination. The ability to integrate Dotsub functionality into any video CMS platform, video player or device, gives our enterprise partners the opportunity to spread their message in multiple languages, quickly and cost effectively. This opens the doors to a farther reach into new and untapped markets. The Dotsub system is designed to scale, allows for "crowd" created subtitles, working collaboratively, in real time, online, or closed professionals working individually or collaboratively, in real time, online. Whether in an open "crowd sourced" environment, or a totally closed professional environment, our proprietary "Project Management System" makes it easy to manage quality control, publish and distribute video content in multiple languages across video platforms across cultures.

Professional Services

In addition to integrations and our proprietary "Project Management System" Dotsub offers fast and accurate professional transcription/time coded captions, 508 compliant closed captions for the hearing impaired, experienced professional native speaking translation services into and from over 200 languages, project management, UI design assistance, and technical support as needed.