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Let your video speak a language
anyone can understand—their own.

Explore our software and professional services developed
to meet your audiovisual globalization requirements.
Use our captioning and translation services or manage your own localization process using the patented cloud-based Video Translation Management System.

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Have it all in one place. Never have to send a file to a client again. Manage the whole localization process—videos, languages, linguists, projects, clients, budgets, and automated workflows—from within VideoTMS.

License our platform to manage your entire process
or supplement your own resources with our highly skilled professional linguists that are trained in many industries and markets and have expert cultural knowledge.

Technology and
language solutions

To reach global audiences, we provide language services, all using
our patented Platform combining smart tools and professional linguists.


   Cloud-based and self-contained solution: The automated Workflow technology saves time, minimizes manual intervention, and centralizes files.

   Simple pricing model: No monthly fees, no minimums. Just pay-as-you-go on a video minute basis.

   Secure system: As a multi tenant SaaS model, VideoTMS guarantees security for your projects, media, and information.

   Support: Global Coverage, Dotsub provides 24/7 support.

   No limits: There are no limits on storage or users. Make our platform your own.

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“It took us a long time to figure out what we wanted, Dotsub has been so patient and accommodating. We really appreciate it and look forward to working together!”


“Working with David Hansfield has been absolutely amazing for us and our team!”

Full Frame Productions

“Communication from Ben and Belen, both on the ball and maintained open communication.”


“Good service and extremely speedy delivery.”



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